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Why Invest in New Printing Equipment?

Why Invest in New Printing Equipment?

You may not realize it, but your old printing equipment is likely preventing you from truly maximizing your office’s productivity.

With new innovations and developments, there are so many features and updates available on newer copiers.

Innovation’s like Xerox’s ConnectKey platform comes standard on most multifunction printers. With the addition, you are able to connect your printer to the apps you use most in your office.

Top 3 Benefits of All-In-One Printers for Offices

Top 3 Benefits of All-In-One Printers for Offices

Various businesses utilize an array of office machines, such as laser printers, copiers, and fax machines. With a variety of robust models available for all sized businesses, companies are considering the benefits of choosing an all-in-one printer.

A multifunction printer combines numerous applications into an all-in-one laser printer, such as these top three benefits:

  1. Single Support Center

Combining several machines creates one productivity center in the office. Several easy-to-setup multifunction printers feature the ability to print and scan from mobile devices to a single support are.

Meet ConnectKey, Your New Business Productivity Booster

ConnectKey, Your New Business Productivity Booster for MFPs

Here on the Copiers Plus blog, we discuss multifunctional printers fairly regularly. We've shown you how MFPs can save you time and money, and how they can simplify processes. We've reviewed how MFPs can help you save valuable resources and meet your environmental responsibility goals. We've given you overviews of how MFPs can benefit all kinds of Lafayette, Indiana businesses, from small or home offices to large multi-department companies.

Multifunctional printers got even more exciting with the introduction of ConnectKey technology. Xerox MFPs features all of the same benefits of a multifunction device with the added advantages of revolutionary new technology. Read on to learn more.

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