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3 Ways Cloud Storage Can Transform Your Business

3 Ways Cloud Storage Can Transform Your Business

Cloud-based services have irrevocably transformed the way we use, store, and share content. The shift toward cloud document management for many small businesses has been at a slower pace, but the technology is making the transition affordable and accessible. Here are the top three ways the cloud is changing small businesses.

  1. Simplifies IT Infrastructures

Outsourcing resources such as data storage to a cloud provider enables you to delegate the administrative burden. It also eliminates the need to purchase servers in anticipation of future demand because you can scale up or down as your capacity needs change.

Going to the Next Level Document Organization

Going to the Next Level Document Organization | Copiers Plus

It seems like many offices have trouble with filing and storing documents in a way that is efficient and space-sensitive. Document storage typically takes up a great deal of space with bulky file cabinets and boxes in supply closets.

With electronic document management systems, you can transform those documents and file cabinets into digital copies. Scan and upload your documents, attaching tags and sorting them for easy file retrieval later on. Save yourself a great deal of time on an ongoing basis by filing documents electronically as opposed to physically in file cabinets.

Toeing the Line Between Digital and Paper

Toeing the Line Between Digital and Paper | Copiers Plus

Data management is an important part of any business. It ensures your legal protection, doubles as a way to track customers and helps you decide how to spend funding. However, tracking hundreds or thousands of paper documents can be tedious. As technology advances, many companies are transforming their businesses by turning to electronic document management systems.

Paper Presents Challenges

The Business World Has Gone Digital

The Business World Has Gone Digital

One of the benefits of the shift from analog to digital is the development of technology, hardware and software that are designed to make your life easier. While document management in the past meant lots of storage, filing and dealing with paper, electronic document management is simple, secure and lean.

How Can Electronic Document Management Help Your Business?

Electronic Document Management Benefits

Electronic Document Management Benefits | Copiers Plus

Look around you right now. What do you see? Is it an office space, complete with a water cooler, a coffee mug or two, and the occasional procrastinator? Is it a personal office, with pictures on the walls and bookshelves full to the brim with books you've never really read? Is it a room without a specific purpose, the one that's a little bit of everything? Wherever you are, the chances are high that there's at least one stack of paper within arm's reach, maybe closer. The truth is, today's world uses a lot of paper. We communicate with documents. We keep records with files. We write notes, test pens, and idly sketch during boring conference meetings—all using paper. So how can we handle all of this paper in a way that improves efficiency and protects budget?

Why Electronic Document Management?

electronic document management Indiana

Indiana businesses are starting to embrace the idea of a paperless office. Moving from the clutches of piles and filing cabinets full of paper can have more benefits than you might think. Document management is a simple way to embrace the benefits of a paperless office.

Document management is a simple enough concept. At its most basic level, document management provides your company with digital organization, storage, and retrieval of your most valuable asset: your collective knowledge. But beyond these simple functions are tools that can boost productivity and enhance your competitive edge.

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