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3 Ways Cloud Storage Can Transform Your Business

3 Ways Cloud Storage Can Transform Your Business

Cloud-based services have irrevocably transformed the way we use, store, and share content. The shift toward cloud document management for many small businesses has been at a slower pace, but the technology is making the transition affordable and accessible. Here are the top three ways the cloud is changing small businesses.

  1. Simplifies IT Infrastructures

Outsourcing resources such as data storage to a cloud provider enables you to delegate the administrative burden. It also eliminates the need to purchase servers in anticipation of future demand because you can scale up or down as your capacity needs change.

Small Businesses Need the Latest Technology Tools

Small Businesses Need the Latest Technology Tools | Copiers Plus Indiana

Document management technology seems to change with the blink of an eye, and in order to grow and prosper, small businesses have to stay current. One area where inefficiencies and issues of cost often arise is with a company’s inkjet and laser printers. Given that small businesses may have anywhere from five to 1,000 employees, the number of printers onsite could be significant. Older equipment is prone to failure and the costs associated with repair or replacement can be quite high.

MPS to the Rescue

Many small businesses are going with managed print services, or MPS, which brings modern printing technology on board. The rewards are many:

Configuring Your Office for Cloud Solutions

Configuring Your Office for Cloud Solutions | Copiers Plus

Digital technologies such as document management systems and cloud technology are taking over businesses across the country. To stay current with the competition, you will need to start integrating these services into your everyday needs of your business.

Software Accessible In and Out of the Office

In order to make your company grow, you likely need to send employees to clients’ locations in order to seal deals. These workers still need access to important documents even while they are away, so you should find cloud storage options that are compatible with both the computers you have in your office and with employees’ smartphones.

Embracing Transformation and Technology

Embracing Transformation and Technology | Copiers Plus Indiana

The business world is constantly changing and evolving, with new technologies always changing the game. Digital has by far been the biggest shift, not only in the business world. By adapting and evolving along with these changes, you will be able to continually service your customers, provide jobs for your employees, and constantly reinvent yourself.

As a leader, it is crucial to adapt to shifting technologies available. A few simple changes will dramatically shift your business’ organizational flow:

Why You Should Turn to The Cloud

Why You Should Turn to The Cloud | Copiers Plus Indiana

More and more offices are turning to cloud-based solutions with the advent of new technologies and software. Why should you?

Benefits of Going Digital

1) Digital can help you take your office into the 21st century.

Using digital software and technology to complete normal office-related processes can save you and your employees a great deal of time. For example, an electronic document management system (where your files are stored electronically in the cloud or a network-based repository) allows you to be more mobile and swift with file retrieval from anywhere.

Toeing the Line Between Digital and Paper

Toeing the Line Between Digital and Paper | Copiers Plus

Data management is an important part of any business. It ensures your legal protection, doubles as a way to track customers and helps you decide how to spend funding. However, tracking hundreds or thousands of paper documents can be tedious. As technology advances, many companies are transforming their businesses by turning to electronic document management systems.

Paper Presents Challenges

3 Ways a Managed Print Services Provider Adds Value

3 Ways a Managed Print Services Provider Adds Value | Copiers Plus

Part of running successful and profitable company is engaging products and services that increase efficiency. Managed print services (MPS) can help your business' bottom line by saving money and increasing productivity. Here are three specific ways that managed print solutions can add value.

1. Dramatic Savings on Printing Costs

A reliable managed printing partner can take several proactive steps to increase the efficiency of your office's printing so your business saves money. Targeted printing helps reduce excess paper and print volume, and paying a predictable monthly bill covering all document printing helps keep your budget under control.

Reasons Why Your Company Needs an Electronic System for Document Management

Reasons Why Your Company Needs an Electronic System for Document Management

Indiana companies are always looking for a way to organize more efficiently. The most efficient way for your business to organize its documents is with electronic document management. There are a number of reasons why your business can benefit from storing documents electronically.

Storing documents electronically can increase security and productivity. It provides a way to securely store information at a different location. This can keep files secure as they will be located elsewhere and safe from any disasters or even theft. It will also be useful as you can create several security features and decrease the amount of paperwork necessary. It also provides an easy way to keep track of each department.

Electronic Document Management Benefits

Electronic Document Management Benefits | Copiers Plus

Look around you right now. What do you see? Is it an office space, complete with a water cooler, a coffee mug or two, and the occasional procrastinator? Is it a personal office, with pictures on the walls and bookshelves full to the brim with books you've never really read? Is it a room without a specific purpose, the one that's a little bit of everything? Wherever you are, the chances are high that there's at least one stack of paper within arm's reach, maybe closer. The truth is, today's world uses a lot of paper. We communicate with documents. We keep records with files. We write notes, test pens, and idly sketch during boring conference meetings—all using paper. So how can we handle all of this paper in a way that improves efficiency and protects budget?

Why YOU Need Electronic Document Management

electronic document management benefits

By now, you've probably heard about document management. You know that document management can be a great help to any company, big or small, and that this innovative idea is changing the way people do business. But through all of the informational videos, all of the explanations and definitions and testimonials, you're likely still left with one question: why do YOU need document management? Your company is unique, and it has unique needs. That means you need to consider the benefits of electronic document management from a new angle: your own.

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