Copiers Indiana

How You Benefit

We offer a wide variety of copiers, products and services for both large and small businesses in Lafayette IN and throughout the state of Indiana. So how can you benefit?

Production Print Workflow Solutions

Xerox production print and workflow solutions can help you expand your market reach by helping you to streamline and automate your document management processes, produce more jobs (and new customers!) and reduce your costs.

Automate your job management to create simpler workflows, reducing preprint costs and errors and improving job turnaround time.

Document Imaging

Document Imaging allows you to scan your paper documents to create digital copies that can be stored in your document management system. By creating a digital system, you can increase the productivity and mobility of your workers. Digital documents are critical for modern workers who need the ability to access and share documents regularly.

Who We Are

We are much more than your standard dealer for copiers and office equipment. With local offices in Greencastle, Monticello and Lafayette IN, we understand your local community and have helped businesses of all sizes throughout the state to enhance their business processes, improve productivity and reduce costs.

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