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Is It Better to Lease or Buy a Copier?

Is it better to buy or lease a Lafayette copier?Sometimes buying a laser printer can be a big investment, especially if you are not sure about your long-term business needs or goals.

Additionally, since technology is changing and evolving so rapidly, your equipment may be out of date before it actually stops working.

As technology becomes cheaper and more efficient, you may actually save money buy investing in a newer device (or rather having a 3 year lease and swapping out for a new device when your contract is up).

Let’s explore these ideas further…

How to Choose a Copier for Business

How to Choose a Copier for Business

When you get ready to buy a new copier for your office, you will have a few considerations to make to narrow down your search.


Depending on your office size, you may be limited in the amount of space available for your copiers or laser printers. Depending on your print output, you may only need a small desktop copier like the Xerox Phaser. If you have more space or even a dedicated printing room, you can opt for something larger, like many of the Workcentre copiers.

Where Do You Buy an Office Photocopier?

two employees walking in officeWhen you want to buy a car, you go to a car dealership. When you want to buy a house, you go to a realtor. So, when you want to buy a Xerox copier for your office, why would you go to a one-stop-shop electronics store?

A Quick Guide to Buying Your Small Business Copier

A Quick Guide to Buying Your Small Business Copier | Copiers Plus

With so many choices in small business copiers on the market, trying to choose can feel overwhelming. However, when armed with a little information you can shop with confidence for your multifunction printers. Here’s a few things to keep in mind when you evaluate your potential choices for a digital copier.

Tuesday Tips - Resources to Make You Better at Buying a Copier

multi function printer

Buying a new copier for your office is a business necessity. Unfortunately, it can also be confusing and overwhelming. But, it doesn't have to be. By following a few top tips, you can find the best solution for your company.

Assess Your Needs

Today, copiers are more than just copiers. They are multi-purpose machines that address myriad business needs. Taking time to assess your specific copy needs can significantly narrow the wide field of copiers and printers.

Do you need color as well as black and white?... High-speed?... High-capacity?... Wireless?... Scanning or faxing capabilities? Your business is unique and so are your copier needs, so be sure to pinpoint the essentials and ignore the extraneous bells and whistles.

Tuesday Tips - Finding the Right Multifunction Printer

Lafayette Office Equipment

All-in-one or multifunction printers are machines that replace several standalones in your office. Multifunction printers can print, scan, fax, and more, depending on the model you choose. When shopping for a new multifunction printer, you might be a little overwhelmed by the number of models, each with several options and specs. We can help find the right multifunction device for you.

Here are some features to consider to help you narrow down your options.

Multifunctional Printers - How to Choose

Multifunctional Printers in Indiana - How to Choose

Has your office been considering the switch to a multifunctional printer? These office workhorses have become known to benefit offices in Indiana in many different ways, including:


Need supplies for your equipment like Xerox copiers, multifunction printers or laser printers in Indiana? We can help!

Select one of the options below to find out more information on purchasing, recycling, or ordering specialized metered supplies for your office equipment.  

Indiana Multifunction Printers: Xerox Connect Key

Xerox ConnectKey Technology for multifunction printers and copiers will integrate your office equipment with software and apps that can be used in other aspects of your Indiana business.

Reduce Environmental Impact

document management Indiana

Creating an environmentally friendly work environment doesn’t have to be a difficult task. Simply invest in equipment and supplies that will help you to reduce waste and save resources, creating a more sustainable workplace. Xerox can help you achieve this:

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