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Creating an environmentally friendly work environment doesn’t have to be a difficult task. Simply invest in equipment and supplies that will help you to reduce waste and save resources, creating a more sustainable workplace. Xerox can help you achieve this:

  • Xerox Solid Ink technology saves 90% less waste than traditional ink cartridges
  • Electronic document management systems help you to convert your office from paper-reliant to digital friendly
  • Energy Star certified copiers and laser printers help you to save on natural resources
  • Equipment features like the Earth Smart button keep you from wasting paper with defaults like duplex, multiple up and skip blank pages
  • Xerox packaging and supplies are easily recycled

Turning to digital allows you to reduce your reliance on physical resources like paper and toner; meanwhile your copiers and laser printers can help you save on the resources that you do use. Speak with a professional in our Lafayette IN office today about how you can make your office more environmentally conscious and sustainable.