Control Your Costs

Indiana multifunction printers

Controlling business costs is crucial for keeping to a budget. Print costs are often difficult to manage and control, but that doesn’t have to be the case! Our copiers, products and services aim to help you get ahold of your print costs and ultimately help you to save money. We can evaluate your current copiers, multifunction printers and network setup to offer suggestions for how to optimize your devices for optimal output.

Here are a few specific ways that we can help you take control of your budget and control your business costs:

  • Place limits or restrictions on who can print, when and how (color vs. black and white)
  • Automatic supply ordering only replaces printer supplies when they are running low. No more wasting money on resources that sit unused in supply closets.
  • Delete jobs that never get picked up at the printer
  • Set defaults on your devices to ensure optimal output and reduce waste
  • Equipment comes with Energy Star certification and Intelligent Ready technology, reducing your energy consumption

These are just a few of the ways that our copiers, laser printers, and services can help you to save money on your print costs and keep to your budget.