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You may have the latest technology, but some useful bells and whistles may be getting dusty. Production solutions from Xerox can help to improve your productivity and get the most out of your equipment currently in use.

Product Integration

  • Improved IT Focus
  • Optimization of Equipment Capacities
  • Equipment Task Coordination

Your IT employees are trained to do more than adjust screen contrast and pin program shortcuts to task bars. By alleviating them of unnecessary tasks, they will be free to spend more time supporting the more complicated areas of your infrastructure. Multifunction printers, scanners, Xerox copiers, and computers on your network often have features that support integration that may not be utilized. Xerox offers services that can help to connect these features and resolve issues that arise in the integration process and beyond.

Out With the old, in With the New

In the event that your technology is outdated, Xerox can provide you with modern equipment that is designed to work with existing facilities in your office. Modern hardware is important to improving your productivity. Upgrades are generally designed for convenience, speed, and efficiency. The initial outlay for new machines may be well worth it when considering the long term costs of manual inefficiency.

Whether your business needs new machines or new processes, Xerox offers solutions that will enhance the fluidity of your back office processes.

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