Work Smarter with a Cloud-Based Office

Work Smarter with a Cloud-Based Office | Copiers Plus Indiana

Implementing cloud-based processes and programs in your office can open up the possibilities for growth and change, increased productivity and mobility. Cloud-based solutions allow you to take advantage of new technologies and software that are designed to help you work smarter. Here are a few:

App Technology

Xerox ConnectKey technology for multifunction printers and Xerox copiers increases the functionality of your equipment. ConnectKey integrates your printer with popular software such as Office 365, SharePoint, Google Drive, etc. Using software straight from your device can increase your productivity, simplify your workflows and cut out steps in your processes.

Electronic Document Management

Electronic document storage gives your workers mobility when it comes to getting work done. Access to documents from anywhere keeps workers moving, even when they are not in the office. Your document management systems help to organize your filing system, increasing your productivity and time savings.

Cloud-based solutions help you to work smarter by cutting our unnecessary steps in your workflow processes. With cloud solutions, you can access documents remotely, scan documents straight to your dropbox account, or collaborate on a project simultaneously.

Integrating cloud technology into your office opens up so many possibilities for growth, process improvement, maximizing efficiency, and increasing your business successes.

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