Why You Need to Upgrade to a Multifunctional Printer

Upgrade to a Multifunctional Printer | Copiers Plus Monticello Indiana

You have undoubtedly taken steps in your business practices to boost efficiency. Often, business leaders accomplish higher efficiency by improving morale, enhancing productivity, and upgrading equipment. A multifunctional printer can accomplish all of these target outcomes at once, all while saving you money.

A multifunctional printer (MFP) has many advantages that enhance a company's efficiency. The traditional office printer fleet model falls short in many areas, including energy efficiency, productivity, and technological capabilities. A single multifunction printer can improve the office processes of your company dramatically, offering new ways to innovate and improve.

How it works

Multifunction systems are the workhorses of the office world, combining the functions of a printer, fax machine, scanner, and copier into one efficient device. This functionality allows you to consolidate all the separate machines cluttering desktops and hallways.

There are many advantages to switching to a multifunctional printer model. Here are just a few.

  • Improve your energy efficiency. Did you know that many older printers and other machines are not Energy Star rated? When these devices are plugged in all day, they drain power, impacting the environment and driving up operational costs. Switching to an energy efficient multifunctional printer solves this problem, saving you money and helping you go green.
  • Consolidate essential office processes. Do you have to run around the office to print, scan, fax, and copy? Your multifunctional printer can be the office printing hub, designed specifically to handle the brunt of your company's workload. From one machine, you can scan a file, fax it, email it, save it, or simply copy it.
  • Save valuable office real estate. Many offices are inundated with inefficient equipment. A multifunctional printer has a small footprint in comparison with the many machines it replaces.
  • Enhance the finished product. A new multifunction printer can offer finishing solutions that save time and improve the quality of your documents. From stapling to booklet printing, these options give you professional results every time.

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