Tuesday Tips - Can You Improve Print Efficiency?

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The best way to print efficiently is to start with the printer itself. Finding the best model for your business needs ensures energy efficiency, reduces waste, and saves money. Start by assessing what you will be printing, how much you will be printing, and how many employees will be using the printer.

Ink jet printers are still the most popular, affordable, and versatile options on the market, although color laser printers have become much more cost effective. Look for high-efficiency and/or high-capacity models for mass printing.

Why YOU Need Electronic Document Management

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By now, you've probably heard about document management. You know that document management can be a great help to any company, big or small, and that this innovative idea is changing the way people do business. But through all of the informational videos, all of the explanations and definitions and testimonials, you're likely still left with one question: why do YOU need document management? Your company is unique, and it has unique needs. That means you need to consider the benefits of electronic document management from a new angle: your own.

Tuesday Tips - Resources to Make You Better at Buying a Copier

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Buying a new copier for your office is a business necessity. Unfortunately, it can also be confusing and overwhelming. But, it doesn't have to be. By following a few top tips, you can find the best solution for your company.

Assess Your Needs

Today, copiers are more than just copiers. They are multi-purpose machines that address myriad business needs. Taking time to assess your specific copy needs can significantly narrow the wide field of copiers and printers.

Do you need color as well as black and white?... High-speed?... High-capacity?... Wireless?... Scanning or faxing capabilities? Your business is unique and so are your copier needs, so be sure to pinpoint the essentials and ignore the extraneous bells and whistles.

Tuesday Tips - Need to Know about Multifunction Printers

Multifunction Printers

You could fill your offices with multiple printers, copiers, scanners and fax devices, but why do that when one multifunction printer can do the job of all of these devices at once?

Choosing the right multifunction printer for your needs is important. You'll want your MFP to be able to easily keep up with print volumes, produce the quality you require, and do so without breaking the budget. Consider these features when making your choice:

Your Connectivity Needs

Do you have multiple workers in several departments and offices? A network printer is the obvious choice for connecting to your office network. With the explosive growth of employees taking advantage of the BYOD trend, a Wi-Fi capable multifunction printer has become a business imperative.

Why Use Electronic Document Management?

Electronic document management

Even with the world's most sophisticated organization system, it goes without saying that any company would eventually end up with a tall stack of documents sitting on the desk. We've all experienced it before. For whatever reason, these files failed to be sorted, and now they are sitting like a paper Eiffel Tower—right in the middle of somebody's workspace. At the end of the day, paper files are difficult to deal with, and even the combination of a strong organization system and closely-managed print environment can't entirely solve our paper problems. That's where document management comes in.

Tuesday Tips - Digitize Your Documents with Ease

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The advantages of going paperless have many businesses flocking to join the no-paper movement. But others are hesitant: after all, paper has been an office staple for hundreds of years, and changing the entire structure of workflow isn't a challenge to take on lightly. Going paperless isn't as hard as it sounds, and once you've done the initial legwork, you'll reap benefits for years to come.

The basic steps you'll need to take to go paperless are:

Tuesday Tips - Avoid Office Anarchy

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Is this a scene you could imagine in your office? It might be time to look for new office equipment... Going into your search with some key information will help you find the right device to prevent a mob of angry employees from taking a bat to your printer. There are several questions that you can answer to help you pin down your equipment needs.

Whether you want a copier, printer, or an all in one multifunction unit, these questions can help you determine your specific needs:

Buying a Multifunction Printer That's Right For You

Multifunction printer

Let's face it: in today's world, it's all about multitasking. Whether we're discussing our phones, our workdays, or our printers, we all want to save time and boost efficiency by doing multiple things at once. Time and time again, technology has proven its friendliness toward this new outlook on productivity. Take our phones, for example. What used to be nothing more than a communication device has evolved into a social media portal, a camera, a notepad, a gaming device, and a machine for surfing the Internet. Multitasking is important to us--and that's why multifunction printers are so popular.

Tuesday Tips - Solid Ink = Solid Results

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We are happy to provide the best in innovations for our customers by partnering with Xerox. Xerox offers cutting-edge technology in all their products, giving businesses the opportunity to save time, money, and hassle. One of these great technologies is Solid Ink. It produces the most stunning colors and high-quality printing. In addition? It produces 90% less waste than comparisons!

What is Solid Ink?

Solid Ink technology is used in Xerox products because, frankly, it's better. Solid Ink:

Tuesday Tips - Managed Print Boosts Workflow Speed

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Your printer probably makes an appearance in many office workflows during the day. Whether the marketing department produces some mailing content, the finance department prints quarterly budgets for approval, or the legal department prints out contracts for signatures, your printer gets a front-and-center seat in a variety of workflows.

But do you ever feel like your printer is a bottleneck in the workflow? Or perhaps paper-based workflows, in general, aren't working well for you. Managed print services can analyze and assess these workflows, giving you the opportunity to identify inefficiencies. Stop relying on processes that gum up the gears. Start a managed print services program.

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