Tuesday Tip: What’s So Great About Xerox Managed Print Services?

What’s So Great About Xerox Managed Print Services? | Copiers Plus

“Why do I need Managed Print Services? There’s nothing wrong with how people print in my office. It’s not like it’s some complicated procedure.”

These thoughts may run through your head when you hear about Xerox Managed Print Services. This line of thinking is certainly understandable. However, a lot more may go into your printing processes than you realize. And it could cost your business a lot of money and resources.

The Hidden Costs of Printing

For many companies, printing costs constitute one of the most neglected parts of their overhead. When you’re busy dealing with day-to-day tasks, you may not have time to think about:

Tuesday Tip: Pros and Cons of Cloud Storage

Tuesday Tip: Pros and Cons of Cloud Storage | Copiers Plus

The terms "cloud" and "cloud storage" are ubiquitous with technology these days. Most people are familiar with iPhone's famous iCloud as well as other cloud-based storage options for data, such as DropBox. But what exactly is the cloud and how can it help your Greencastle business?

Is the Cloud Real?

According to tech site Mashable, "the cloud is not a physical thing... [it] is a network of servers, and each server has a different function." (Mashable) These functions include running an application or delivering a service, which allows you to access or store data over the Internet.

Finding a Good Managed Print Services Provider

Finding a Good Managed Print Services Provider | Copiers Plus

We all know how important printing can be to a company. From communication to file-keeping, printers are crucial to countless aspects of everyday business—but what about the people who take care of the printers? While our focus generally rests on the machines themselves rather than the folks who perform maintenance, updates, and printer management, anyone who is responsible for printer care is crucial to productivity and workflow. For this reason, it's important to know what to look for when deciding on a Managed Print Services provider for your Monticello, Indiana business—after all, you want to make sure that your printers are in reliable, professional hands.

Tuesday Tip: Top Five Tips for Wi-Fi Security

Tuesday Tip: Top Five Tips for Wi-Fi Security | Copiers Plus

These days, almost all public spaces -- especially coffee shops and restaurants -- offer free wireless access to customers. While free Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi hotspots may seem like little gifts from Internet heaven, it is important to be vigilant when using them.

Just as Wi-Fi hotspot use has increased, so have related cyber-security breaches and thefts. Criminals stay abreast of technology so they can steal your data without you even realizing it.

Tuesday Tips: 4 Steps to Data Destruction

4 Steps to Data Destruction | Copiers Plus

As technology continues to develop at a rapid rate, businesses must try and keep up with the latest offerings. But, part of upgrading to new equipment and software is properly disposing of your old systems. Here we want to offer helpful information to keep you safe and legal.


  1. Shredding

    Shredding is not just for paper documents. Computer hard drives contain tons of proprietary information, which must be protected. Simply deleting files is not enough. Shredding is the most effective way to do this. The hard drive is shredded down into metal scraps ensuring that any data left on them cannot be recovered.

  2. Keep it Legal

Looking for a Copier

Looking for a Copier | Comparison of Copiers

Like the people who are responsible for them, every company is unique. From the logo to the goals to the people working behind the phones, computers, or pencils, no two businesses are ever in the same situation--and, often, that means unique challenges. While these challenges can help a company grow and prosper, one less-than-constructive trial that each business must face is the selection of appropriate machinery, especially when it comes to copiers. Just imagine the chaos that would ensue if a workplace that made daily photocopies had decided to rely on a copy shop, only to find locked doors when they needed service the most—or, alternatively, a company that bought a formidable fleet of shiny new copiers, only to realize that photocopies were a once-a-month oddity.

Tuesday Tips: 10 Tips for Data Security

10 Tips for Data Security | Copiers Plus

We are living in an online world- at work, at home, and everywhere else due to smartphones. Our highly connected world offers real-time convenience, but it also leaves us vulnerable to attacks. It is critically important to protect your organization from cyber criminals and security breaches.

Here are the top 10 most important tips and tricks to keep your Indiana business safe. Some of these may sound obvious, but it often the simplest things are inadvertently overlooked in lieu of the big picture.

  • Be sure you have a security plan in place as well as security-specific line items in your budget.

  • Educate employees on cyber security. Spending money on proper training can save you time and money in the long run.

Tuesday Tips - What Key Benefits Come with Managed Print?

What Key Benefits Come with Managed Print? | Copiers Plus

Many Indiana businesses rely on managed print services (MPS) to keep things running smoothly. But what exactly are the primary benefits of having your printers managed? Let's take a look:

The Basics of MPS

MPS essentially take all the guess work out of your print and copy needs. Outsourcing your print services frees up your in-house personnel to focus on other areas, such as IT and operations. Your contracted print manager handles all of your equipment needs, from service and repairs to supply management.

Going Green

office copiers

For quite some time now, "going green" has been a mission that all of us constantly undertake. Leaving the car in the garage and riding your bike instead, taking reusable totes to the grocery store, taking the extra walk to the recycling bin--there are countless ways for an individual to remain environmentally conscious. However, it can be a little more complicated for an entire company to go green. When paper, printers, ink, and electronics are the tools of the trade, environmental consciousness can be difficult to achieve. Here's a look at how you can rethink your workplace with a "green" perspective.

Tuesday Tips - 4 Invaluable Printer Fixes

multifunction printer lease

Printing documents is part of everyday business. While most of the time it is quick and easy, when there are snags, it wastes time and causes headaches. Keep things running smoothly with these four simple tips for fixing your printer.

1. Check Printer Settings

Printing documents with a lot of graphics and/or color will slow things down. As will printing on a high-res setting. If speed is the key print in draft or economy setting most of the time, switch to higher setting for presentations or client documents. Print in gray scale to save time and money and only use color ink when necessary. Set these as default settings in your print menu.

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