Using Office Technology to Increase Convenience

Using Office Technology to Increase Convenience | Copiers Plus

One important part of running a business is ensuring that your office functions as efficiently as possible. Convenience is one aspect of an efficient office. One way to improve the convenience factor of your office is harnessing certain technologies.

Easily Accessible and Printable Documents

Accessing and printing documents are two ubiquitous tasks in a modern office. Nowadays, with increasing use of mobile technology, it's important for employees to be able to access documents on various devices. It's even more convenient if your employees can print those documents on demand from a phone or tablet.

Issues Solved With Managed Print Services

Issues Solved With Managed Print Services | Copiers Plus

If you have experienced any of the following issues in your workplace, you might consider Managed Print Services as the solution.

Cost Related Factors

  • Increasing costs of your existing print infrastructure
  • Pressure to reduce overall business costs
  • Determining the true cost of your equipment and print processes

Management Factors

  • Inability to track print spend and usage
  • Managing a large number of unconnected devices
  • Managing many desktop devices
  • Current managed print services contract ending soon
  • Increasing number of workers (and devices on your network)

Strategy Factors

Keeping Your Network Secure

Keeping Your Network Secure | Copiers Plus

In the digital age, network security is as important for your Monticello, Indiana business as it is for your home network. While very few businesses poses impenetrable networks, there are some steps you can take to ensure data protection.

Manage Device Access

Using an internal system to authenticate users is an excellent way to increase the security of your network. Each device on your network can be used as a point of access for hackers. By having each device secured with a password that is unique to each employee, a business will greatly reduce the risk of having unwanted users access their network.

Transmit Information Securely

3 Keys to Improving Your Sales Strategy

3 Keys to Improving Your Sales Strategy

“According to the Customers 2020 report, customer experience has overtaken price and product as the key brand differentiator. To put it simply — the future of business success relies on providing superior customer service.”

So, how can you improve in the customer service department to delight your customers? Here are a few key points to consider:

The Business World Has Gone Digital

The Business World Has Gone Digital

One of the benefits of the shift from analog to digital is the development of technology, hardware and software that are designed to make your life easier. While document management in the past meant lots of storage, filing and dealing with paper, electronic document management is simple, secure and lean.

How Can Electronic Document Management Help Your Business?

End of Year Business Tips #3: Ways to Cut Equipment Costs for the New Year

Ways to Cut Equipment Costs for the New Year | Copiers Plus

In last week’s blog, we gave you some tips on assessing the current state of your business now that the New Year is almost here. Specifically, we recommended that you ask two questions:

1) “How can I save more?”

2) “How can I work better?”

In our next two blogs, we’ll give you some good ways to answer these two questions. We’ll begin with the first question and look at how your business can cut costs going forward.

How to Succeed with Managed Print Services

How to Succeed with Managed Print Services | Copiers Plus

How valuable is your print environment? This seems like a straightforward question—but the difficulty comes when we realize that print environments can't be measured by just their monetary value. Rather than counting the costs of ink, paper, maintenance, and printing machines themselves, try putting the price tags aside and considering how valuable your print environment is as part of your company. What would you do if you couldn't print that form? How would you keep your file cabinets full of up-to-date info? It's true—printing is a huge part of every company, so a strong print environment is an extremely valuable asset.

End-of-Year Business Tuesday Tips #2: Investing in Products and Services for the New Year

Investing in Products and Services for the New Year | Copiers Plus

In last week’s blog, we gave you some tips for making an end-of-year assessment of your company’s equipment and processes. The three big points were:

  • Make sure your current hardware is operating as well as it can.
  • Review your annual budget and see where you’re spending your time and money.
  • Go over any problems you had or complaints you received over the past year.

Once you’ve figured out your current state of affairs, you can start thinking about the future. You can begin to look for ways to make your workflows more productive and trim away your expenses.

Here are a couple of questions to ask as you’re preparing to invest in products and services for the future:

End-of-Year Tuesday Tips #1: Do an End-of-Year Assessment

Do an End-of-Year Assessment | Copiers Plus

As the end of this year draws closer, you’ve hopefully brought in a fair amount of profit. With some smart planning, you can use that money to set your business up for success both in the coming year and beyond.

In the blogs for this month, we’ll take a look at how you can invest in products and services that will help cut costs and increase your productivity in the future. The first step in that process is to assess your current expenses and practices.

Schedule Maintenance for Your Current Devices

If your Indiana office isn’t in order now, it’ll be harder to prepare for the future. Have your printers and other equipment serviced to ensure that they’re working at their peak capacity. You should also check your supplies and restock if you’re running low.

Electronic Document Management Benefits

Electronic Document Management Benefits | Copiers Plus

Look around you right now. What do you see? Is it an office space, complete with a water cooler, a coffee mug or two, and the occasional procrastinator? Is it a personal office, with pictures on the walls and bookshelves full to the brim with books you've never really read? Is it a room without a specific purpose, the one that's a little bit of everything? Wherever you are, the chances are high that there's at least one stack of paper within arm's reach, maybe closer. The truth is, today's world uses a lot of paper. We communicate with documents. We keep records with files. We write notes, test pens, and idly sketch during boring conference meetings—all using paper. So how can we handle all of this paper in a way that improves efficiency and protects budget?

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