Tips to Reduce Office Waste

Tips to Reduce Office Waste | Copiers Plus Indiana

It can be easy to get in the habit of wasting paper, printing excess jobs or making extra (unnecessary) copies.

Making Your Office More Environmentally Friendly Doesn’t Have to Be Difficult

Making Your Office More Environmentally Friendly Doesn’t Have to Be Difficul

Many businesses are discovering the need to make a commitment to sustainability. Abiding by “green” practices is a great way to combat global warming and save money. The best part is that it is really not all that difficult.

Irrigate Wisely

Having some greenery around your business is great for your employees and customers. However, maintaining plants and grass requires water, and many gallons are wasted every year. Maintain a smart irrigation system that does not water whenever it rains. You should also think about planting shrubbery that does not require as much water as other plants.

A Quick Guide to Buying Your Small Business Copier

A Quick Guide to Buying Your Small Business Copier | Copiers Plus

With so many choices in small business copiers on the market, trying to choose can feel overwhelming. However, when armed with a little information you can shop with confidence for your multifunction printers. Here’s a few things to keep in mind when you evaluate your potential choices for a digital copier.

Updating Your Document Workflows

Updating Your Document Workflows | Copiers Plus Indiana

Many different businesses rely on documents, no matter what their area of expertise may be. Everyone from dentists to civil engineers to zookeepers rely on the information that they keep on file. The sheer volume of documents that are being stored often means that a lot of time and money must be spent managing them. Avoid these potential document management pitfalls by taking a few smart steps and following these tips.

Keeping Your Data Secure

Keeping Your Data Secure | Copiers Plus

All large businesses rely on digital media in a major way. All of the important information that we use to do our jobs is kept on a computer, from financial records to customer information. There are many ways in which this information can get into the hands of other people. Luckily, there are ways to keep your data secure if you don't want this to happen. Xerox had you covered with document security at the printer.

Going to the Next Level Document Organization

Going to the Next Level Document Organization | Copiers Plus

It seems like many offices have trouble with filing and storing documents in a way that is efficient and space-sensitive. Document storage typically takes up a great deal of space with bulky file cabinets and boxes in supply closets.

With electronic document management systems, you can transform those documents and file cabinets into digital copies. Scan and upload your documents, attaching tags and sorting them for easy file retrieval later on. Save yourself a great deal of time on an ongoing basis by filing documents electronically as opposed to physically in file cabinets.

Xerox Production Solutions

Xerox Production Solutions | Copiers Plus Indiana

You may have the latest technology, but some useful bells and whistles may be getting dusty. Production solutions from Xerox can help to improve your productivity and get the most out of your equipment currently in use.

Is it Time You Tried a Managed Print Strategy?

Is it Time You Tried a Managed Print Strategy | Copiers Plus Indiana

For law firms, doctor’s offices and other document-heavy businesses, understanding where you can cut down on printing can have a major impact on costs. Businesses often don’t know they can realize these business benefits by partnering with a managed print services provider. If your paper-heavy business is looking for ways to cut costs, read on to learn how managed print services can help you.

What Are Managed Print Services?

Managed Print Services simple refers to an external provider that manages a company’s document output with an eye toward efficiency and cost savings. An MPS provider might start by auditing your company’s print processes to see where there are clear opportunities for improvement.

What Will They Suggest?

Work Smarter with a Cloud-Based Office

Work Smarter with a Cloud-Based Office | Copiers Plus Indiana

Implementing cloud-based processes and programs in your office can open up the possibilities for growth and change, increased productivity and mobility. Cloud-based solutions allow you to take advantage of new technologies and software that are designed to help you work smarter. Here are a few:

App Technology

Xerox ConnectKey technology for multifunction printers and Xerox copiers increases the functionality of your equipment. ConnectKey integrates your printer with popular software such as Office 365, SharePoint, Google Drive, etc. Using software straight from your device can increase your productivity, simplify your workflows and cut out steps in your processes.

Connecting Your Printer With Email

Connecting Your Printer With Email | Copiers Plus

Since its first introduction into the world of technology in 1972, email has evolved fantastically. In the process this medium of communication has created a great change in the technology surrounding most office spaces. When it comes to your workspace, you do your best to make everything more efficient, including using your printer. Now, emails can be sent directly from multifunction printers and copiers as well, making this mode of communication practically unstoppable.

Using a printer to send your documents has several advantages over simply using typed words, including:

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