Mobile Printing is the Next Big Thing

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The technology world is always trying to anticipate the next big thing. This is because technological advancements are an important part of improving business and the world around us, and because we rely so heavily on technology today. Because the printing industry is tied closely to technology, it's easy to see where the printing industry is headed by looking at technology.

The Green Solution - Managed Print Services

The Green Solution - Managed Print Services | Copiers Plus Indiana

We have yet to come across a business person who isn't hoping to cut costs in an effective way. Another common theme among business owners is the desire to "go green" or decrease their carbon footprint. There was certainly a time when these goals were contradictory, but that time has passed because of a variety of technological improvements, including one offered by Copiers Plus.

What is this Solution?

Managed Print Services allow companies to not only save on printing costs, but reduce the use of common print related consumables. Some of these consumables include:

The Benefits of Electronic Document Management Explained

The Benefits of Electronic Document Management Explained

Since there have been documents, businesses have been trying to manage their storage and retrieval. In modern years, organizations have been replacing the difficult process of producing, filing and recovering documents with high-tech document management systems. There are several document management systems in the marketplace, but many offer similar benefits and functionality.

Ensure Your Company is Secure with Xerox

Secure Your Company with Xerox Printers in Indiana

A companies profitability, integrity and reputation, can be built or broken by a single thing: security. Do you remember all the hype about a leak at Home Depot? The hackers stole 53MM email addresses, and it did not shed a very pleasant light on Home Depot as a business.

Speaking to a more specific industry, the print industry by default handles sensitive or confidential information on a daily basis. Any office that prints, scans, copies or faxes knows the importance of keeping internal documents internal, and client information confidential. So how can working with Copiers Plus and Xerox help?

Meet ConnectKey, Your New Business Productivity Booster

ConnectKey, Your New Business Productivity Booster for MFPs

Here on the Copiers Plus blog, we discuss multifunctional printers fairly regularly. We've shown you how MFPs can save you time and money, and how they can simplify processes. We've reviewed how MFPs can help you save valuable resources and meet your environmental responsibility goals. We've given you overviews of how MFPs can benefit all kinds of Lafayette, Indiana businesses, from small or home offices to large multi-department companies.

Multifunctional printers got even more exciting with the introduction of ConnectKey technology. Xerox MFPs features all of the same benefits of a multifunction device with the added advantages of revolutionary new technology. Read on to learn more.

Why You Need to Upgrade to a Multifunctional Printer

Upgrade to a Multifunctional Printer | Copiers Plus Monticello Indiana

You have undoubtedly taken steps in your business practices to boost efficiency. Often, business leaders accomplish higher efficiency by improving morale, enhancing productivity, and upgrading equipment. A multifunctional printer can accomplish all of these target outcomes at once, all while saving you money.

A multifunctional printer (MFP) has many advantages that enhance a company's efficiency. The traditional office printer fleet model falls short in many areas, including energy efficiency, productivity, and technological capabilities. A single multifunction printer can improve the office processes of your company dramatically, offering new ways to innovate and improve.

An Introduction to Managed Print Services

An Introduction to Managed Print Services | Copiers Plus Indiana

What is managed print services (MPS), and how does this service help your Indiana business succeed? The definition of MPS is broad, and the particular details may vary from business to business, but the result is always the same: budget visibility, cost control, and enhanced productivity. In addition, managed print helps you go green and improve the security of your documents.

Multifunctional Printers - How to Choose

Multifunctional Printers in Indiana - How to Choose

Has your office been considering the switch to a multifunctional printer? These office workhorses have become known to benefit offices in Indiana in many different ways, including:

Why Electronic Document Management?

electronic document management Indiana

Indiana businesses are starting to embrace the idea of a paperless office. Moving from the clutches of piles and filing cabinets full of paper can have more benefits than you might think. Document management is a simple way to embrace the benefits of a paperless office.

Document management is a simple enough concept. At its most basic level, document management provides your company with digital organization, storage, and retrieval of your most valuable asset: your collective knowledge. But beyond these simple functions are tools that can boost productivity and enhance your competitive edge.

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