Why Invest in New Printing Equipment?

Why Invest in New Printing Equipment?

You may not realize it, but your old printing equipment is likely preventing you from truly maximizing your office’s productivity.

With new innovations and developments, there are so many features and updates available on newer copiers.

Innovation’s like Xerox’s ConnectKey platform comes standard on most multifunction printers. With the addition, you are able to connect your printer to the apps you use most in your office.

Google Drive, SharePoint, Office 365, etc. can be connected and minimize the time you spend dealing with printing and scanning. These kinds of innovations enable you to cut down on so many steps leading up to printing and scanning. Now you can step right up to the printer and access a document from your Dropbox account or scan straight to your email account.

Newer copiers enable you to make the most of your devices, utilizing them for more than just printing and copying. Your multifunction printer can be your office’s productivity center.

Ensure you choose the right machine for your office by determining how many people will be using the device, what kind of features you need, and what speed, output and capacity you need.

Speak with a print professional to discuss your current print environment and determine whether a newer machine could better serve your business’ needs. You can even ask whether or not they can help you by buying you out of your current lease!

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