Tuesday Tips - Take Control of Costs with Managed Print

Managed Print Services Greencastle

It's no secret that documents are essential to any office. However, many businesses are not aware of just how much is allocated to printing. You may be spending a significant chunk of revenue on costs associated with generating documents. Business owners may not even realize just how much money is dedicated to printing and print costs. Managed print services are designed to help businesses control costs associated with printing.

Managed Print works to create a customized plan to help your business control costs.


An assessment gives an initial overview of your print environment and helpts to create a managed print strategy for your office,. This assessment is created through a series of evaluations that address three key concerns: who is printing, how often, and from which devices. Then, your calculated cost per document is totaled.

The assessment helps to identify issues, establish benchmarks, and make recommendations for an ideal print environment.


Implementing your managed print strategy will result in predictable spending that is cost effective. Optimization will come through seeing the assessment's printing statistics, benchmark metrics, and recommendations that include employing your current print fleet.

You can save up to 30% of your total printing costs with a managed print strategy. You'll have predictable spending and ongoing support, and have automatic, continued tracking of all of your devices.

Controlling costs is just one of the many benefits of managed print services. In addition, you'll enjoy an increase in printer performance and overall productivity, efficiency in workflow, and less burden on your IT department.

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