Tuesday Tips - Need to Know about Multifunction Printers

Multifunction Printers

You could fill your offices with multiple printers, copiers, scanners and fax devices, but why do that when one multifunction printer can do the job of all of these devices at once?

Choosing the right multifunction printer for your needs is important. You'll want your MFP to be able to easily keep up with print volumes, produce the quality you require, and do so without breaking the budget. Consider these features when making your choice:

Your Connectivity Needs

Do you have multiple workers in several departments and offices? A network printer is the obvious choice for connecting to your office network. With the explosive growth of employees taking advantage of the BYOD trend, a Wi-Fi capable multifunction printer has become a business imperative.

Your Printing Requirements

It's important that the device you choose meets your daily printing requirements.

  • Duty cycle— Choose a printer that can handle your monthly print volumes without putting undue stress on the device. Choose one that exceeds your demand so it's not running at maximum capacity on a regular basis.
  • Speed— A multifunction printer that can't keep pace with your projects will just cause frustration. Your MFP should have plenty of power to keep up with demand.
  • Quality— Are you printing mostly in-house documentation and reports, or do you need high quality customer facing materials that make a good impression? Choose your MFP based on the quality you require for your ongoing printing needs.
  • Color— Black and white will do the job for basic text documents, but if you're looking for photo quality color, choose a printer than delivers exceptional, consistent color.

Total Cost of Ownership

Ask plenty of questions to find out the cost of consumables and the paper requirements of the printer. A low sticker price often means a higher price tag for consumables, and inferior quality printers use ink and toner at a faster rate than their more efficient, higher-end counterparts. Don't sacrifice quality for a low sticker price and end up paying more in the long run.

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