Tuesday Tip: What’s So Great About Xerox Managed Print Services?

What’s So Great About Xerox Managed Print Services? | Copiers Plus

“Why do I need Managed Print Services? There’s nothing wrong with how people print in my office. It’s not like it’s some complicated procedure.”

These thoughts may run through your head when you hear about Xerox Managed Print Services. This line of thinking is certainly understandable. However, a lot more may go into your printing processes than you realize. And it could cost your business a lot of money and resources.

The Hidden Costs of Printing

For many companies, printing costs constitute one of the most neglected parts of their overhead. When you’re busy dealing with day-to-day tasks, you may not have time to think about:

  • Whether some printers are being used more than others
  • How much you spend on printing supplies
  • How downtime caused by equipment issues affects your productivity
  • How much wasteful printing impacts your budget and your carbon footprint

If you decide to use in-house staff to track these issues, it can divert energy and attention away from more profit-driving activities. This could keep your business from growing as much as it could.

How Managed Print Services Helps

With Xerox Managed Print Services, you can fine-tune your printing solution with minimal effort:

  • You can reduce your printing costs by 25% or more
  • You can set restrictions on your devices to prevent waste
  • You can avoid costly device problems or resolve them quickly
  • You can free up your staff to focus on more important duties
  • You can make your workplace more environmentally conscientious

Managed Print Services help you take the complications out of your printing practices. You can go about your day and trust that everything is running smoothly. Learn more about how MPS can help your Indiana business.

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