Tuesday Tip - Sustainability Starts Here

electronic document management

Today's technology keeps us connected in ways we perhaps never dreamed of before. The world feels smaller today, and many organizations are responding to this by becoming better global citizens. Going green is one of the best ways for a company to give back to the community and the world, and is vital to our earth's health.

It's a daunting commitment, however. Business leaders often feel lost when it comes to going green because it seems like green business is incompatible with a healthy bottom line. With document management, reducing your environmental impact is not only easy, it's also cost-effective. You can save money while helping the environment; ultimately, green business is good business.

Green Business = Good Business

Every year, around one billion trees are thrown away in paper in the U.S. This number is astounding, but when you realize that 95% of business information is still stored on paper, it makes sense. What companies don't realize is that this information storage is not only wasteful, it's also costing you money.

Simply put, paper documents are hard to access, easy to lose, and inefficient to store. When your company wastes valuable time looking for information or valuable storage space keeping paper documents, it hurts your bottom line. A main maxim of environmental consciousness is to reduce waste, which is just good business.

Document Management = Green

By saving time, space, and consumables, document management can help reduce your company's environmental impact and save you money. Join us in a commitment to a greener world.