Toeing the Line Between Digital and Paper

Toeing the Line Between Digital and Paper | Copiers Plus

Data management is an important part of any business. It ensures your legal protection, doubles as a way to track customers and helps you decide how to spend funding. However, tracking hundreds or thousands of paper documents can be tedious. As technology advances, many companies are transforming their businesses by turning to electronic document management systems.

Paper Presents Challenges

Using paper for all of your document management is more than tedious. It presents real challenges for your business. For one thing, it is extremely wasteful—the average employee uses 10,000 pieces of paper each year. In addition, paper, ink and copying important documents is expensive and does not provide the same amount of security that password-protected electronic document management would.

How Digital Management Fixes Things

Digital data management saves money for your business. You will no longer be spending large amounts of money on paper, ink, equipment or maintenance and repairs. Digital document management is also more convenient. When two people or departments need to see the same information, it is easy to share in digital format—simply send an email with the file attached. Paper requires making copies and taking time out of a busy workday to take the information to the other department.

In addition to convenience and cost savings, switching to electronic document management has another big benefit. By going digital, you show clients, customers and business partners you are willing to keep up with technology in your industry.

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