Tips to Reduce Office Waste

Tips to Reduce Office Waste | Copiers Plus Indiana

It can be easy to get in the habit of wasting paper, printing excess jobs or making extra (unnecessary) copies.

Here are a few tips to help you reduce your paper usage:

  • Set your laser printers to automatically print double-sided. Most of the time it is not necessary to have one-sided sheets, so setting your printers and copiers to double-sided will help you save paper over time.
  • Be sure to set up an effective recycling system. If your office workers end up printing too many sheets or need to reprint and entire job, then be sure they know how to recycle wasted sheets.
  • Only print in color when needed. By setting your printer to black and white, you will save a great deal on color ink. Switch your print job to color on an individual basis.
  • Distribute meeting materials via email and give people time to look over the documents ahead of time. Materials printed for meetings are often unnecessary as long as people have information ahead of time.
  • Power off your equipment when not in use. Reduce energy use by encouraging workers to shut down computers, multifunction printers and copiers when they leave for the evening and weekends.

These are just a few tips that will go a long way in terms of savings. Take these simple steps to become more environmentally friendly.

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