Small Businesses Need the Latest Technology Tools

Small Businesses Need the Latest Technology Tools | Copiers Plus Indiana

Document management technology seems to change with the blink of an eye, and in order to grow and prosper, small businesses have to stay current. One area where inefficiencies and issues of cost often arise is with a company’s inkjet and laser printers. Given that small businesses may have anywhere from five to 1,000 employees, the number of printers onsite could be significant. Older equipment is prone to failure and the costs associated with repair or replacement can be quite high.

MPS to the Rescue

Many small businesses are going with managed print services, or MPS, which brings modern printing technology on board. The rewards are many:

  • Improved control over printing costs
  • Greater efficiency
  • Better security
  • Reduced running expense
  • Decrease in paper waste

A Visible Difference

Small businesses play a significant role in terms of the spending associated with document technology. MPS services that include “just-in-time” ink and toner replacement, assessment tools and smart workflow applications can help them monitor the printing process more easily, identify areas where print demand can be reduced and where new equipment is needed the most. MPS services can help these companies by making their use of print services more visible. Streamlining and cost cutting are efforts through which all businesses can expand their growth and gain new comfort levels.

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