A Print Solution for the Computer in Your Pocket

mobile printers

Today's office is moving closer to paperless, doing more and accessing more via a screen. Now those screens are even getting smaller, with a handheld computer called a smartphone probably in your pocket or sitting on your desk right now. In fact, you carry more computing power in your pocket than astronauts carried to the moon!

With all that computing power at our fingertips, we're highly efficient, well-oiled machines around the office, right? Well, kind of. Apparently even computers that beat out the Apollo missions can't always connect to a regular old printer. Mobile printing technology helps you take advantage of your mobile devices, rather than letting them get in the way.

Mobile Print: The Devices You Already Use, Enhanced

Your employees are likely already using smartphones and tablets for their work, and it probably boosts productivity. But that increase in productivity comes to a screening halt every time someone needs a hard copy of a spreadsheet or a budget report. Whether this is at the home office or on the road, it presents a time drain as the team member finds, accesses and uses a computer connected to the printer.

Here are just a few of the benefits of implementing mobile print:

  • Print from any device to nearly any printer
  • Access and print to out-of-network printers with your mobile device
  • Find out-of-network printers
  • Print securely with secure release
  • Simplify your company's printing environment

The mobile devices we use every day are incredibly powerful, but they are tied down with unnecessary restrictions without mobile printing. Mobile print technology allows you to have the same kind of control over mobile printing as you do over in-network office printing.

To learn more about mobile print, contact us today. We can help you get started!