Meet ConnectKey, Your New Business Productivity Booster

ConnectKey, Your New Business Productivity Booster for MFPs

Here on the Copiers Plus blog, we discuss multifunctional printers fairly regularly. We've shown you how MFPs can save you time and money, and how they can simplify processes. We've reviewed how MFPs can help you save valuable resources and meet your environmental responsibility goals. We've given you overviews of how MFPs can benefit all kinds of Lafayette, Indiana businesses, from small or home offices to large multi-department companies.

Multifunctional printers got even more exciting with the introduction of ConnectKey technology. Xerox MFPs features all of the same benefits of a multifunction device with the added advantages of revolutionary new technology. Read on to learn more.

Introducing ConnectKey

What is ConnectKey and how can it help your business grow and succeed? ConnectKey is a software available for each new Xerox multifunctional printer that gives you advanced functionality beyond printing, faxing, scanning, and copying. With ConnectKey's features, you can scan and upload documents to the cloud, share files via your workflow processes, and print from your mobile device.

How it Works

ConnectKey technology can help your business simplify workflows and enhance productivity with exciting capabilities. For instance, you'll be able to use your multifunctional copier as a secure hub to scan and upload paper documents to the cloud, saving you valuable time and resources.

In addition, you can scan and send documents to workflow processes from your multifunctional printer. And for the smartphone and tablet using office, you'll now be able to print directly and securely from any mobile device.

Enhance Productivity Securely

With ConnectKey, you can use the same products that already improve your internal processes and achieve even greater efficiency. The enhanced convenience, productivity, and security that is available with ConnectKey technology make it a winning combination for any Indiana business, large or small.

Interested? Contact Copiers Plus today to learn more about Xerox's new line of ConnectKey-enabled multifunction printers and to test drive ConnectKey technology.

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