Making Your Office More Environmentally Friendly Doesn’t Have to Be Difficult

Making Your Office More Environmentally Friendly Doesn’t Have to Be Difficul

Many businesses are discovering the need to make a commitment to sustainability. Abiding by “green” practices is a great way to combat global warming and save money. The best part is that it is really not all that difficult.

Irrigate Wisely

Having some greenery around your business is great for your employees and customers. However, maintaining plants and grass requires water, and many gallons are wasted every year. Maintain a smart irrigation system that does not water whenever it rains. You should also think about planting shrubbery that does not require as much water as other plants.

Install LED or CFL Lights

Standard light bulbs require a lot of power and need to be replaced frequently. With light-emitting diode bulbs or compact fluorescent bulbs, you are getting much better light while spending less on electricity. To save more on electricity, look for appliances that have an Energy Star label.

Have a Recycling Bin

Put recycling bins throughout your building and inform your employees of the new policy. You will be amazed at how open most people are going to be to this. Make sure to have separate bins for plastic, paper and glass.

Implementing a few simple practices regarding sustainability can save you a lot of money in the long run. You may even be able to get some tax rebates to save even more. 

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