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Looking for a Copier | Comparison of Copiers

Like the people who are responsible for them, every company is unique. From the logo to the goals to the people working behind the phones, computers, or pencils, no two businesses are ever in the same situation--and, often, that means unique challenges. While these challenges can help a company grow and prosper, one less-than-constructive trial that each business must face is the selection of appropriate machinery, especially when it comes to copiers. Just imagine the chaos that would ensue if a workplace that made daily photocopies had decided to rely on a copy shop, only to find locked doors when they needed service the most—or, alternatively, a company that bought a formidable fleet of shiny new copiers, only to realize that photocopies were a once-a-month oddity. How can these glitches be avoided?

Copier Needs

The first step in deciding whether to have an in-house copier is to analyze your company's needs. Once again, the snowflake-like individuality of every business comes into play—you'll start to recognize the unique needs, requirements, challenges, and strengths of your workplace. The next step is to use this information to analyze the necessities. You must ask yourself one crucial question: what does this company need? Because each option appeals to a certain set of business traits, it can be helpful to take a look at your options during this stage.


So, what are your options? What are the benefits of each decision? Here's a quick look.

  • Own. Owning a copier is a good decision for any company that relies heavily on the ability to make—and control—copies. If you're looking for special functions, predictability, or advanced control, owning a copier is a good decision. Plus, it's much easier to go green when you're in charge of buying toner and paper.
  • Rent. Renting a copier is another option, one that rests somewhere between owning a copy machine and relying on a copy shop. It can be short-term or long-term, If you decide to rent, the comparison of copiers becomes a little easier—you can rent for a shorter amount of time, decide what works best, and pursue that option.
  • Rely. Deciding to rely on a copy shop can be beneficial for any company that doesn't need that many copies, but this choice comes with its downsides too. Remember that you're sacrificing cost for control—because you may not have to deal with the copier, but you will have to deal with the copy shop!

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