Keeping Your Data Secure

Keeping Your Data Secure | Copiers Plus

All large businesses rely on digital media in a major way. All of the important information that we use to do our jobs is kept on a computer, from financial records to customer information. There are many ways in which this information can get into the hands of other people. Luckily, there are ways to keep your data secure if you don't want this to happen. Xerox had you covered with document security at the printer.

Among the many useful features that Xerox copiers and multifunction printers have to offer, often something called secure print is included. This is the perfect function for when you are using a public printer with many other people and you don't want someone else picking up your document. Secure print assigns a password number to the thing you are printing. This number must then be entered into the printer before the task can be completed. It guarantees that only you have access to the document you are sending, which is perfect for things that contain information like social security numbers and medical records.

Document security is a huge concern in today's workplace. Leaving yourself unprotected can seriously put a business at risk. There are several different ways in which information can leak. Make sure you stop all of them in their tracks with a comprehensive system. Protect your documents with this printer function or with the help of a managed IT company.

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