Keep Your Business Moving With Xerox

Keep Your Business Moving With Xerox

Managed print services (MPS) are available in tandem with Xerox copiers and laser printers. One of the best aspects of MPS is automatic supply ordering, and if your device does not currently have this feature, then you are missing out on substantial benefits.

Never Waste Time

Finding out your printer is out of ink, paper or toner can be a real hindrance to your daily functions. It can take days to receive a new supply order if you order online, in which time you are losing out on valuable services. Even if someone has to run to a nearby department store, then that is still time taken out of the day that could be better utilized elsewhere. With automatic ordering, a shipment of supplies is sent when you are running low, so you can always keep operating efficiently.

Decrease Storage Space

Ordering in bulk is one tactic some businesses utilize to ensure that they always have supplies on hand. However, this can also bring its inconveniences. You need to dedicate a room or a shelf to the supplies, and for small businesses, every inch of space needs to be used wisely. Automatic ordering means you do not have to stock up. You get what you need when you need it.

You can set up automatic supply ordering as soon as you get your printer. With managed print services, you never have to worry about ordering ink and toner again. 

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