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The fastest way to lose a customer is to make them wait. This is Business 101, and it's only becoming increasingly true with time. Customers are accustomed to the instantaneous results they enjoy with fast internet, the ubiquity of smartphones, and the availability of information. Is your business keeping up?

Businesses must have a firm grasp on their information so that it's accessible to customers at all times just to stay relevant and competitive. This means that when a customer asks a question, they shouldn't be greeted with another question: "Can you hold while I look into that?" Instead, they should be served quickly with the right information to answer their inquiry.

Document management makes this kind of responsive customer service possible. Read on to learn more.

The Document Management Difference

With document management, your client information is accessible, at your fingertips, at all times. There will be no more sifting through piles of papers on crowded desks or running to a storage room to pull a file. With the time-saving alone, a document management system quickly pays for itself.

Retain customers with fast results

If you haven't implemented a document management system in your office, chances are that your competition already has. Did you know that the average customer will wait on hold for only 13 minutes before reaching a "boiling point" of frustration? After these critical 13 minutes, you're likely to have lost their business to a competitor.

Improve employee morale

Customer service is stressful enough with the constant demand to perform and keep a smile on your face. Add on the frustration of unmanaged files, and you have a crisis of morale on your hands. To retain talent in your company and keep things running smoothly, choose document management.

Start Today

It's possible to stay relevant in the business world, but you need your information to do it. Start your journey toward organized, secure, accessible company information today. Contact Copiers Plus!

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