Is it Time You Tried a Managed Print Strategy?

Is it Time You Tried a Managed Print Strategy | Copiers Plus Indiana

For law firms, doctor’s offices and other document-heavy businesses, understanding where you can cut down on printing can have a major impact on costs. Businesses often don’t know they can realize these business benefits by partnering with a managed print services provider. If your paper-heavy business is looking for ways to cut costs, read on to learn how managed print services can help you.

What Are Managed Print Services?

Managed Print Services simple refers to an external provider that manages a company’s document output with an eye toward efficiency and cost savings. An MPS provider might start by auditing your company’s print processes to see where there are clear opportunities for improvement.

What Will They Suggest?

You’d be surprised by how many ways you can cut print costs - but your MPS won’t. It’s their job to spot all of the little ways that you can save money on printing - from eliminating personal printers to employing managed print solutions, such as cost-saving printer software.

Do We Need an MPS?

The decision to partner with a managed print services provider is unique to each individual business. But in general,

  • If your printer fleet is growing
  • If your print costs are increasing
  • If your staff is expanding and print volume is expected to rise dramatically

… an MPS is probably worth a look.

Consider these general pros, before deciding to forgo this potentially useful business tool.

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