An Introduction to Managed Print Services

An Introduction to Managed Print Services | Copiers Plus Indiana

What is managed print services (MPS), and how does this service help your Indiana business succeed? The definition of MPS is broad, and the particular details may vary from business to business, but the result is always the same: budget visibility, cost control, and enhanced productivity. In addition, managed print helps you go green and improve the security of your documents.

The Challenge

Your print budget can be hard to rein in, especially given the breadth of processes that fall under its umbrella. Many companies find it difficult to cut printing costs just from the sheer vastness of the practices involved. When your managed services provider evaluates your current print budget and helps you lower it, the following areas will be included:

  • All pages produced by all office staff, including mobile workers, large production printing jobs, and outsourced work
  • All machines, including fax machines, copiers, desktop printers, large multifunctional printers and scanners
  • Materials outsourced for mailing, distribution, and large-format printing
  • IT costs, including help-desk tickets, printer support, software and hardware purchasing and maintenance
  • Paper, toner, ink and other supplies

Considering this list, it's easy to see how companies often spend up to 15% of their total annual budget on printing.

The Solution

Managed print begins with a thorough evaluation of how your current printing processes function. This assessment gives your managed services provider a baseline to make changes from, as well as help you track improvements.

Managed print is about more than overseeing printers. The process is extensive and on-going, and you reap the benefits throughout your relationship with your managed services provider. Here's how it works.

  1. Assessment. A thorough evaluation is conducted immediately.
  2. Monitoring. Your services provider will monitor and analyze your printing usage, down to individual users.
  3. Plan. Your provider will offer a plan for improvements; this plan will be on-going and flexible.
  4. Optimization. Through continued monitoring and planning, your provider will help you optimize your printing environment end-to-end.

Through proactive maintenance and problem-solving, your company can enjoy the time-saving benefits of managed print services in Greencastle. Ready to get started?

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