How to Choose a Copier for Business

How to Choose a Copier for Business

When you get ready to buy a new copier for your office, you will have a few considerations to make to narrow down your search.


Depending on your office size, you may be limited in the amount of space available for your copiers or laser printers. Depending on your print output, you may only need a small desktop copier like the Xerox Phaser. If you have more space or even a dedicated printing room, you can opt for something larger, like many of the Workcentre copiers.


The size of the machine you buy may also depend on how many people will be using the machine. If your laser printer will be located in an area with a lot of traffic, it may make sense to invest in a larger machine with a larger output. This way there won’t be any backup and everyone can continue their work without pause.


For businesses with a large output of documents, a fast and reliable copier is a necessity. Opt for a machine with a high page per minute count and a larger paper tray.

There are many more elements to look at that would make one machine better suited to your organization. Contact us to determine the best copier for your business.

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