The Green Solution - Managed Print Services

The Green Solution - Managed Print Services | Copiers Plus Indiana

We have yet to come across a business person who isn't hoping to cut costs in an effective way. Another common theme among business owners is the desire to "go green" or decrease their carbon footprint. There was certainly a time when these goals were contradictory, but that time has passed because of a variety of technological improvements, including one offered by Copiers Plus.

What is this Solution?

Managed Print Services allow companies to not only save on printing costs, but reduce the use of common print related consumables. Some of these consumables include:

  • Paper
  • Ink and Toner
  • Energy

The amount of ink cartridges used each year astonished most people. By recycling ink cartridges, we could keep approximately 400,000 tons of plastic and metal out of our landfills.

As you can imagine, our paper and energy consumptions are nothing to scoff at either. So how do managed print services help with this evident problem of waste? Well, think about your print budget. Do you know how much you spend on ink cartridges, how many pages of paper you use per month, and who is printing what? Managed Print Services answer all of the questions you could want to ask about the details of your print-related expenses. They identify problems in your Indiana business' systems, can help you be more efficient in your printing, and control how much is being printed.

Not convinced? Managed Print services also allow you the benefits of one centralized provider for all of your print related supplies. Consumables are replaced as they are needed, and you won't have to stock up on toner or other products.

Let's Get Started

The first step to managing your printing is to have an assessment of your business' printer fleet. Want to try it out? Contact Copiers Plus and we'll help you!

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