Evaluating The Effectiveness of Your Managed Print Services Provider

Evaluating The Effectiveness of Your Managed Print Services Provider

Your managed print services provider is a critical component of your company’s infrastructure. It is important to monitor your provider’s effectiveness continually to make sure that you are getting the best value for your investment. The most critical aspects to evaluate are the security, cost-effectiveness and agility of your provider and system.

In any business, security can be the most critical factor to maintain to protect your employees, partners and customers. To test the security of your managed print services (MPS) system, assign an employee, preferably a member of your IT department, to test the integrity of your current password, PIN and other security features for their robustness.

Effective MPS will maintain the required security of your most sensitive documents. To determine the amount of cost-savings you are achieving through your MPS provider, utilize existing assessment tools or invest in new tools that allow you to monitor system utilization and costs. Reports from these assessment tools can be a critical way to verify that your business is getting the most out of its MPS system.

Lastly, a quality MPS system will be agile and easy to access. One of the best ways to assess this aspect is to survey your employees and management regarding the ease of access of your managed print solutions. They will be the most experienced users of the product and will have the most relevant reviews of your MPS provider’s effectiveness.

Although you will need to invest resources to evaluate the effectiveness of your MPS provider, you will generate a wealth of useful knowledge that can be used to directly improve your company’s function.

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