Ensure Your Company is Secure with Xerox

Secure Your Company with Xerox Printers in Indiana

A companies profitability, integrity and reputation, can be built or broken by a single thing: security. Do you remember all the hype about a leak at Home Depot? The hackers stole 53MM email addresses, and it did not shed a very pleasant light on Home Depot as a business.

Speaking to a more specific industry, the print industry by default handles sensitive or confidential information on a daily basis. Any office that prints, scans, copies or faxes knows the importance of keeping internal documents internal, and client information confidential. So how can working with Copiers Plus and Xerox help?

Security with Xerox

Customers all over the world view Xerox as a trusted provider. Why is this? Xerox prioritizes the security of all of their products, using some of the following systems:

  • Image Overwrite Option - this allows information to be electronically "shredded," removing it from a device's hard drive as part of your normal routine. This can be performed on demand, and if desired, by schedule.
  • Data Encryption - all data that passes in and out of your Xerox machine is encrypted with state of the art technology. Whether you are scanning, printing or accessing a printer remotely, there are always encrypting options.
  • Secure Access - Xerox multifunctional printers can integrate your existing ID badge systems to allow accurate and convenient authentication. Simply swipe your card, whether proximity or magnetic, and receive access. This also gives visibility for the regulation of print related processes.
  • Embedded Fax - the first manufacturer to offer products that completely separate your telephone line and your fax network, effectively closing any "back door" access to your faxed information.
  • Access Control - all of our products offer access control features. Some of these mean you can permit only certain people to use certain devices. Other features allow you to set tasks for your employees, i.e. user, operator, and admin. The individual employees you add to this database are not specific to one printer, either. Specific permissions can be set per printer, but they all have a central database.

This is only a partial list of the many features Xerox employs to keep your business safe. Needless to say, Xerox takes security seriously. If your business in Indiana wants to stay secure, contact Copiers Plus today to get started!

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