End of Year Business Tips #3: Ways to Cut Equipment Costs for the New Year

Ways to Cut Equipment Costs for the New Year | Copiers Plus

In last week’s blog, we gave you some tips on assessing the current state of your business now that the New Year is almost here. Specifically, we recommended that you ask two questions:

1) “How can I save more?”

2) “How can I work better?”

In our next two blogs, we’ll give you some good ways to answer these two questions. We’ll begin with the first question and look at how your business can cut costs going forward.

Buy Cost-Effective Devices

If you’ve owned cars, you’ve probably reached a point where you start thinking that they cost you more than they’re worth. Between paying for replacement parts, lower gas mileage and your own evolving transportation needs, a time can come where buying a new vehicle becomes the most sensible option.

Your office equipment is the same way. For example, if your end-of-year assessment showed that you’re spending a lot on toner and service calls for your printers, you might consider upgrading your devices.

A new multifunction printer could give you better prints with less energy and resource usage. Also, investing in document management software could reduce your need to print at all. Naturally, this would cut your expenses for producing and storing paper documents as well.

Consolidate Your Existing Equipment

Why have four machines in your office when one will do? Buying new devices that makes other equipment redundant can help you reduce your future expenses. A multifunction printer is a perfect example: It eliminates the need to own a printer, copier, scanner and fax machine by performing the functions of them all.

Of course, you don’t always need to purchase new equipment. In some cases, you can cut your costs simply by getting rid of under-utilized devices. Our Managed Print Services can help you figure out exactly how many printers your workplace needs to stay productive. We can also help fine-tune your workflows, which will raise your bottom line.

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