Convert Your Paper Files with a Scanner

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Are you getting the most out of your office scanner? There are many ways that you can use this important piece of office equipment, and many devices are underutilized.

With a scanner from Copiers Plus, you can create a digital copy of any document that can be used in a variety of ways. Multifunction printers often feature an excellent scanner, whether flatbed or tray, or you can invest in a standalone scanner for different areas in your office.

Use Your Scanner to the Fullest

Archiving, storing, sharing, retrieving, emailing, faxing, or printing is all simple with a high-quality scanner.

1. Capture

When you scan documents electronically, you can create text documents that can be edited, stored, and searched. These documents are much easier to manage than paper documents and don't have the insecurities of paper files. You can convert files to PDFs for easy compatibility or archive documents electronically.

2. Store

Paper clutters your office and drives up costs. Switching processes to paperless is a great way to go green and save money. A scanner can get you started by archiving all of your paper documents in electronic format.

3. Manage

When your documents are digital, you can access them from anywhere, store them in document management systems, and control permissions. Regulatory compliance becomes a breeze with full edit history and fast searching, and collaboration is simple with digital sharing tools.

4. Distribute

Using document management systems, network folders, or websites, you can easily share documents across your company for increased productivity. Digital files are simply easier to maintain and work with than paper files.

Your office scanner is the workhorse of your company. Convert your files to digital today; contact Copiers Plus.

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