The Benefits of Electronic Document Management Explained

The Benefits of Electronic Document Management Explained

Since there have been documents, businesses have been trying to manage their storage and retrieval. In modern years, organizations have been replacing the difficult process of producing, filing and recovering documents with high-tech document management systems. There are several document management systems in the marketplace, but many offer similar benefits and functionality.

Simple Recovery
The days of organizing paper away in a file cabinet or storage room are over. When a document is digitized using document management tools, it is immediately available by anyone who is authorized to view it. A document management system enables users to search for documents by content, keyword, or name or any other variable used to record and trace the piece. An employee with a computer can accomplish this in seconds, making the process both efficient and quick.

Improved Security
Securing paper files use to required sign-out sheets, locked filing cabinets and security protocols that were time-consuming and ineffective. Document management systems give businesses the capability to encrypt documents and specify levels of security to each file. Files can be allocated to workers of certain departments or to specific persons. The document management systems trace each retrieval, noting who has viewed the document, while applying a date and time stamp for auditing purposes. The process of securing a document more is effective and it also is easier for the company as a whole.

Secure Back-Ups
When an office is affected by a fire or burst water pipe, traditional paper files are often damaged beyond repair. Even without a catastrophe, paper documents are lost, destroyed and misplaced regularly. Document management systems remove the risk of losing documents by creating secure back-up files that can be uploaded to an off-site data center.

Simplified Routing
Document management systems can also provide an elegant way to forward documents to appropriate staff. Employees can forward documents to several staff members simultaneously, permitting each to review, annotate and comment on the contents. Users also can forward documents to individuals in sequence, with the comments of earlier reviewers attached to the file for approval or review of senior management.

This is only a partial list of the many ways document management systems can help. Needless to say, we take document management seriously. If your Indiana business wants to harness the benefits of document management, contact Copiers Plus today to get started!

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