Benefits of ConnectKey Enabled Multifunction Printers

Benefits of ConnectKey Enabled Multifunction Printers

Xerox continues to add to the capabilities of its multifunction printers and recently it has raised the bar exponentially. In many cases, these extra benefits come through the use of the ConnectKey app.

Through this app, the laser printers make use of digital capabilities so that, for example, you can more seamless share information using cloud services. Instead of having to scan and then email documents, you can print and scan directly to cloud-based storage.

Another exciting benefit that Xerox copiers gain through ConnectKey is translation. By using their Easy Translation app, you can scan a document and the machine will instantly translate it into more than 35 languages. The document can be sent either to print or to a digital file.

Said to be a more accurate translation that online translators such as Google or Bing, the app helps you to get a better idea of what international documents are trying to get across. In addition, if the information only exists as a hard copy, you don’t have to type it in to get it translated.

The level of translation of the multifunction printers provides a fast and less expensive way to get a basic understanding of a document. If you need more precise translation, Xerox offers that as well. You can choose from having a human edit the machine translation, having a professional translator and proofreading team go over it, or having an expert technical translator in charge of the document.

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