Answer These Questions Before Buying a Printer for Your Office

Answer These Questions Before Buying a Printer for Your Office

A laser printer has become an integral device in many offices. There are so many models available that it might seem overwhelming trying to determine the best item for your needs. The process is a lot simpler if you answer these questions first.

What Features Are Most Important?

First, you need to figure out what features are going to be best for your company’s needs. As an example, you might benefit more from a multifunction printer than a regular one. Some other features to look into include:

  • Speed
  • Addition of an automatic stapler
  • Size of output and input tray
  • Frequency of paper change

Is Buying or Leasing Best?

The answer for this question will depend on each individual business. It truly comes down to which option is best for tax season. Talk with your accountant to see which tax benefits you can get from both choices.

What Are the Maintenance Costs?

Some devices might cost less upfront, but they come with higher maintenance costs. You need to see how much toner and ink costs for all the inkjet and laser printers you are looking at. You should also look into whether you can purchase ink and toner from a nearby store or if you will need to order them online.

Purchasing new copiers or laser printers can be exciting. However, you need to do your homework first so that you obtain the best item possible for your business. 

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