3 Ways That Translating Documents With Your Printer can Improve Your Business

3 Ways That Translating Documents With Your Printer can Improve Your Business

So much business is conducted internationally that it is almost necessary to have a fast and easy way to translate documents. Fortunately, there is now technology available that allows the language of a document to be translated directly from your laser printers. There are several benefits to this type of technology.

1. Saves Time

Having to type a document in multiple languages or use a translator can be time consuming and require redundant work. Using this new technology, documents can be quickly printed off in multiple languages. By simply placing a document on a copy machine, character recognition provides a translation swiftly and prints out the document in the language of your choice.

2. Helps Ensure Correct Translation

Not only is the technology capable of translating documents accurately, but in certain cases it can also be aided by human translators. This can help eliminate improper grammar and keep important content from getting lost in translation.

3. Multiple Options Available

The technology currently allows for translation in more than thirty languages, making it especially useful if you conduct business with anyone who speaks a less common language. It also offers twenty file output options including:

  • PDF
  • Microsoft Word
  • JPG

It would also allow you to download the document for future use.

Taking advantage of this new technology can give your business a competitive edge and help take it to the next level. As the business world continues to involve more global communication, technology like an all in one printer can have huge advantages. 

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