Improve Productivity With VoIP

Improve Productivity With VoIP

In an age of rapid technological advancements and exciting new applications designed to improve office productivity, it is easy to neglect one of the most important customer-oriented technologies available to businesses. Voice over Internet Protocol (also known as Voiceover IP or VoIP) is not a new type of technology, but it is still one of the most effective ways to improve communication between you and your customers. If you are still using a traditional analog phone system, it is past time to make the switch to more user-friendly VoIP technology.

Is It Better to Lease or Buy a Copier?

Is it better to buy or lease a copier?Sometimes buying a printer can be a big investment, especially if you are not sure about your long-term business needs or goals.

Additionally, since technology is changing and evolving so rapidly, your equipment may be out of date before it actually stops working.

As technology becomes cheaper and more efficient, you may actually save money buy investing in a newer device (or rather having a 3 year lease and swapping out for a new device when your contract is up).

Let’s explore these ideas further…

How to Choose a Copier for Business

How to Choose a Copier for Business

When you get ready to buy a new copier for your office, you will have a few considerations to make to narrow down your search.


Depending on your office size, you may be limited in the amount of space available for your copier or printer. Depending on your print output, you may only need a small desktop copier like the Xerox Phaser. If you have more space or even a dedicated printing room, you can opt for something larger, like many of the Workcentre machines.

3 Ways That Translating Documents With Your Printer can Improve Your Business

3 Ways That Translating Documents With Your Printer can Improve Your Business

So much business is conducted internationally that it is almost necessary to have a fast and easy way to translate documents. Fortunately, there is now technology available that allows the language of a document to be translated directly from your printer. There are several benefits to this type of technology.

1. Saves Time

Having to type a document in multiple languages or use a translator can be time consuming and require redundant work. Using this new technology, documents can be quickly printed off in multiple languages. By simply placing a document on a copy machine, character recognition provides a translation swiftly and prints out the document in the language of your choice.

Why Invest in New Printing Equipment?

Why Invest in New Printing Equipment?

You may not realize it, but your old printing equipment is likely preventing you from truly maximizing your office’s productivity.

With new innovations and developments, there are so many features and updates available on newer machines.

Innovation’s like Xerox’s ConnectKey platform comes standard on most multifunction printers. With the addition, you are able to connect your printer to the apps you use most in your office.

Top 3 Benefits of All-In-One Printers for Offices

Top 3 Benefits of All-In-One Printers for Offices

Various businesses utilize an array of office machines, such as printers, copiers, and fax machines. With a variety of robust models available for all sized businesses, companies are considering the benefits of choosing an all-in-one printer.

A multifunction printer combines numerous applications into an all-in-one laser printer, such as these top three benefits:

  1. Single Support Center

Combining several machines creates one productivity center in the office. Several easy-to-setup multifunction printers feature the ability to print and scan from mobile devices to a single support are.

Benefits of ConnectKey Enabled Multifunction Printers

Benefits of ConnectKey Enabled Multifunction Printers

Xerox continues to add to the capabilities of its multifunction printers and recently it has raised the bar exponentially. In many cases, these extra benefits come through the use of the ConnectKey app.

Through this app, the printers make use of digital capabilities so that, for example, you can more seamless share information using cloud services. Instead of having to scan and then email documents, you can print and scan directly to cloud-based storage.

Keep Your Business Moving With Xerox

Keep Your Business Moving With Xerox

Managed print services (MPS) are available in tandem with Xerox products. One of the best aspects of MPS is automatic supply ordering, and if your device does not currently have this feature, then you are missing out on substantial benefits.

Never Waste Time

Finding out your printer is out of ink, paper or toner can be a real hindrance to your daily functions. It can take days to receive a new supply order if you order online, in which time you are losing out on valuable services. Even if someone has to run to a nearby department store, then that is still time taken out of the day that could be better utilized elsewhere. With automatic ordering, a shipment of supplies is sent when you are running low, so you can always keep operating efficiently.

Changes to Make to Improve Office Efficiency

Changes to Make to Improve Office EfficiencyIn order to improve the efficiency of your office, examine the work processes that you currently undertake. Here are a variety of ways that you can improve the productivity of your office.

Put Your Head in the Clouds

Cloud-based storage is continuing to grow and innovate how data and content are stored and backed up. For small businesses, the cloud option is almost always preferable to investing in and maintaining their own servers.

Build Your Brand Using Direct Mail

Build Your Brand Using Direct MailReaching out to potential customers is hard. That’s why many business owners have turned to using their high quality printer to produce documents that will be sent straight to individuals’ homes through the mail. While this is a rather old method of getting information out, this process still has its merits, and can really benefit your business in several ways.

In order to make the most of this course of actions, there are a few things any business owner should keep in mind, such as:

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