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Copiers Plus Managed Print Services


Managed Print Services is the new frontier in office savings, productivity gains, and environmental sustainability. There are many challenges in today’s typical unmanaged office printing environment. For years, printers and cartridges have been bought under the radar” with very little discernment.

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Don’t let your copiers and printers inhibit the way you work. Today’s office worker needs to be able to print when they want, and how they want. Print from your Smart Phone, Tablet, or Laptop. Print simply, and Securely.

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Mobile Print Services from Copiers Plus Inc
ConnectKey technology for Xerox Multifunction Printers


The new Xerox line of multifunction printers and copiers are built on the ConnectKey platform. The breakthrough ConnectKey technology provides value for clients in many different areas like; cost management, productivity, security, and convenience.

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All Indiana businesses want to do the right thing from an environmental standpoint, but there is a common misconception that it is a costly undertaking. The good news is, with Xerox you can be green without additional investment. Xerox is the leader in the industry when it comes to minimizing the environmental impact of your office.

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Sustainability for Lafayette businesses